It’s simple, really. By providing you with unparalleled access to world-class judges who are world-acclaimed, game-changing horsemen & women, Equi-Show is tacked-up & ready to give you a classical riding equestrian experience like no other. 

In 2018 Equi-Show shifted to an even stronger focus on riding and judging with real classical principles and philosophies. Most importantly, harmony, partnership, integrity and classical correctness. 


Equi-Show makes classical western (Cowboy Dressage) and English classical tests (Classical Riding Club) accessible to all - no matter where you are in the world. 

Read more about Our Mission here.


Equi-Show is the only international equestrian competition and learning platform that offers Classical Riding Club approved dressage training tests and Cowboy Dressage tests online. It is also the only online show where you can compete bitless if you choose to, without any penalty. Equi-Show is about riding with a difference; where partnership and harmony reside.



When you enter an Equi-Show class online, your video will be judged, along with the videos of your fellow competitors. Should you place 1st pr 2nd, you will be rewarded with a discount gift coupon for your next class on Winners may featured on our Equi-blog or on social media. Your feedback will be so useful - use it to learn and better yourself and your horse for your next show!

Rules are boring we know, but are essential! Don’t forget to read the rules and video guidelines before you ride.

We used to run monthly competitions, but in order to make the competitions more exciting and useful with enough competitors, we now run 2 or 3 competitions a year. This will increase as time goes by.

(We will run a few "levels" of both Cowboy Dressage and Classical Riding Dressage tests per competition - so all levels can enjoy!)



  • Be judged with kindness and support. No matter what breed of horse you have, no matter whether you choose ride in a bit or without a bit. Be free from any negative judgment here at Equi-Show!

  • Save money on shows/clinics so you can do more! No boxing or trucking, groom or stabling costs. Only pay your entry fee

  • Compete from the comfort of your own environment.

  • Ride against or team up with riders from all over the world.

  • The opportunity to be judged by internationally-acclaimed judges who judge with true principles of Cowboy Dressage and the Classical Riding Club.

  • A training tool: Receive feedback & constantly improve

  • Join a global tribe of riders who enjoy Equi-Show on a monthly basis.



  1. Go to Enter Now. Choose your discipline (English - The Classical Riding Club or Western - Cowboy Dressage). Select your test and complete payment by either PayPal or Credit Card (you do not need a PayPal account to do so). 

  2. Save your unique Entry Order Number somewhere safe!

  3. Read up on Equi-Show’s Rules (and the required video specs). Make sure you’ve also had a good look at the rules of your chosen discipline. (NBl Equi-Show always overrules any penalties on bitless, despite discipline rules. Please see exceptions below).

Cowboy Dressage guidelines.

Classical Riding Club guidelines.

  1. Set up your court/arena. Video your best ride! Ensure you & your horse are in focus & in the frame at all times. No editing, one shot only.

  2. Attach your video straight from your PC, your phone, WeTransfer or to a YouTube/Vimeo link to your email such as Gmail or Outlook.
    (Note: 1 form =1 test entry. If you are entering more than one test, or are entering the same class with a different horse/rider combination, please create a separate entry for each).

  3. Email your test video to along with your unique entry order number that you saved. You will be entered into the current competition running, or if there is not one currently running, the next one! Note: this will be on the date you send the video, not the date that you buy your entry.

  4. Await your results & feedback from your judge! (If you have not had an email with your results within 14 days of your class entry closing date, please CONTACT US.)



No problems! Simply enter as normal - choose your test and enter as a competitor. You will receive your score and judging comments to use as an assessment tool, and to better your riding & partnership. When you email your order number and your video, you can request not to be entered as a competitor.



Equi-Show allows you to be judged and trained by world-famous celebrity trainers and judges. Not only that, we have ensured that the entry fee is extremely reasonable and affordable.  You pay only your entry fee when you enter a class – there are no further costs. No trucking, no stabling, no groom costs… (and you are judged by some of the world’s best!)



For Equi-Show riders, there are a few allowances that always override discipline rules:

  • Bitless bridles (non-mechanical) are allowed in every class. 

  • You do not need a proper arena – do you have a grass patch? A field? Mark out your arena with whatever you have – poles, rocks, cones. We are judging your riding skills, not your ability to have a top of the range arena at your disposal. 

  • In order to give everyone a chance to compete and to try out other disciplines, some classes will carry a special dispensation for tack. If this applies to the discipline you would like to compete in, this will be stated on the relevant test page. 

  • No show attire is mandatory for any of the disciplines, however, you must be wearing the appropriate clothing for your class, be clean and tidy, well-groomed and be wearing protective headgear and footwear with a suitable heel.


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