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Established in 2014.

In 2018 Equi-Show shifted to an even stronger focus on riding and judging with real classical principles and philosophies. Most importantly, harmony, partnership, integrity, and classical correctness. 


Equi-Show makes classical western (Cowboy Dressage) and English dressage tests (Classical Riding Club) accessible to all - no matter where you are in the world. 

Equi-Show is the beloved brainchild of Bronwen Strydom (Bee) in 2012, after wanting to compete in both Western and English (specifically The Classical Riding Club and Cowboy Dressage), but was unable to find any training shows locally. Bee originally founded Cowboy Dressage World of South Africa, and has since handed over the reins to Marlene Du Plessis, who has made it fly like it never had before! During this journey, Bee found there was many like her around the world - those seeking a better, kinder and fairer way to be judged; to ride dressage with true classical principles, no matter the breed, size or age of horse (or rider!). Those wanting to compete in Cowboy Dressage and The Classical Riding Club tests, but not being in an area that catered for it.

Gareth Mare and Jamie Lynn, owners of Heartfelt Horsemanship, have since come on board Equi-Show in 2019 (on the Cowboy Dressage side of things) to lend their incredible expertise and admin assistance.


Read about our mission below.


judges, inspirers, Supporters & game-changers

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CRC internationally-acclaimed judge and co-creator of the CRC dressage tests. Equi-Show judge.


Alice Cornwall

CRC internationally-acclaimed judge and co-creator of the CRC dressage tests. Equi-Show judge.


lyn ringrose-moe

International top judge for Cowboy Dressage. Equi-Show judge.






Creator of the Classical Riding Club. Supporter of Equi-Show. 


Peter maddison-greene

International Dressage Trainer, Judge, Author & Founder of El Caballo de España. Equi-Show judge.



Equi-Show unites horse-lovers from every corner of the globe. Train, compete and learn together.  Learn from the very best, no matter where the judge or instructor is situated.


It’s simple, really. By providing you with unparalleled access to  judges who are world-acclaimed, kind, game-changing horsemen & women, Equi-Show is tacked-up & ready to give you an equestrian experience like no other. Riders are encouraged to ride with lightness & to demonstrate a strong partnership with your horse. Equi-Show aims to provide the tools to help all horse-owners better their bond (whether under-saddle or on the ground) with their equine partner.


“Equi-Show is very exciting for us and is for a lot of riders out there. It’s all about bringing you personal access to world-renowned instructors and judges, allowing for all breeds, all ages of riders, all levels of riders, who want to learn the classical principles - all from the comfort of their own arena. It's also about partnership and harmony, about lightness, freedom and above all, FUN. 

I wanted to give riders the opportunity to compete in ways they are not necessarily able to, in the ‘real-life’ showing world. Whether this is because you want to compete bitless in a dressage test, whether you want to be judged by international classical masters or whether it is simply too difficult to truck your horse from wherever you live. This is a top equestrian instruction and judging experience, in the safest and most convenient online format, where the focus is on quality judging, expert training, your partnership, and your happy, healthy horse”.

(Bee, Founder of Equi-Show, 2014)


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