We agree - rules are boring, but these are important! No refunds will be made and entries can be rejected for not following these simple guidelines when submitting your test. 

Be sure to read through before entering.

Happy riding!



  1. The judge can only judge what they can see. It is ideal to zoom in when you are far from the camera, so that the judge can see your moves. Please ensure that the horse and rider entire are always within frame in entirety, as described below (failure to do so can lead to elimination).

  2. Ensure the horse and rider are in the frame at all times (for example, the horse’s head, the horse’s nose, the horse’s tail, the horse’s hooves and above the riders hat).

  3. Your video must have sound and no cuts. Start your video at least 2 seconds before you enter the arena and end 2 seconds after leaving the arena. 

  4. Ensure that the video is taken from the Judge’s point of view, (at dressage letter C unless it is explicitly specified differently on the test page).

  5. No videos of ‘judged tests’ can be submitted. This means that no videos of live shows or judged shows are allowed to be submitted. Your ride must be un-judged.

  6. The riding arena/course set up must be the correct size/set up as stipulated for the test (please refer to test details). Failure to do so can cause elimination.

  7. You may have a caller for dressage classes only but they are only allowed to read instructions on the test sheet. Any riding instruction will result in the entry being eliminated. You may have a companion horse on the sidelines (not blocking view of camera and riding horse) for your horse to be more comfortable.

  8. Your video must be clear, non-blurry (720p) and of good quality. You can use your mobile phone/camera/GoPro/any recording device to record your test. Sound must be recorded. Less than 64mb.

  9. If your video is too big to upload directly on to the site when you order or as an attachment via email; you can simply send via a free WeTransfer account, directly to Don't forget to include your unique order number in the message! You can find an example here.

    Alternatively, you can try uploading it to YouTube here or Vimeo here and send us the URL with your entry order number). For more help on uploading to these platforms;
    – Instructions and help for YouTube
    – Instructions and help with Vimeo


  10. Any video that Equi-Show views as unsuitable, cruel, inappropriate or poor quality will be rejected without refund.

  11. Entries submitted without payment will be rejected.

  12. You must own or hold all necessary rights (copyrights, etc.) to your video.

  13. Failure to adhere to the above video-specifications may lead to elimination without refund.

  14. You may only submit one rider/horse combination video per test. 1 entry form = per 1 entry. If you are entering more than one test, or are entering the same class with a different horse/rider combination, please buy a separate entry for each. For example: You would have two tests in your entry (cart)  if you want to ride two horses in the same test/class.

  15. You will be entered into the competition that is current when sending your video. If there are no competitions, you will be auto submitted into the next running one. So if you buy your test in February but only send us the video in March, you will be entered into the current or the next competition cycle.

For more info on how to send your video, see here.


  • Non-mechanical bitless bridles are allowed in all classes, across all disciplines and levels. 

  • No deemed unkindness such as excessive spurring or whipping. This will lead to instant elimination. At all times, judges will be looking for a partnership with the horse where the rider encourages the horse to perform happily and without excessive force or poor communication.

  • Visibly unwell, lame or injured horses will be eliminated.

  • In order to give everyone a chance to compete and to try out other disciplines, some classes will carry a special dispensation for tack. If this applies to the discipline you would like to compete in, this will be stated on the relevant test page. Note: Non-mechanical bitless bridles are allowed across disciplines.

  • No show attire is mandatory for any of the disciplines, however, you must be wearing the appropriate clothing for your class, be clean and tidy, well-groomed and be wearing protective headgear and footwear with a suitable heel.

  • A hard hat is always advised. Children under 18  are required to wear a hard hat for all classes.  Adults may wear Stetsons for western classes. 

  • While Equi-Show adheres to the discipline judging guidelines/rules, there are a few Equi-Show rules that override, such as not being penalized for bitless riding. These exclusions can be found here.


  • The Judges decision is final.

  • You are unable to request a particular judge (except for online mini lessons) as each judge will judge an entire class. The judge may change competition to competition but we only have one judge per class.

  • We respect our judges space & time. Please do not contact the judges directly but refer all queries to 

  • No previously judged videos may be submitted (by Equi-Show judges or other). For example you cannot submit a video you took at a real life judged show.

    Meet our judges here >



  • The rider/competitor/owner is responsible for reading and adhering to the video rules and the T’s & C’s of Equi-Show. Failure to do so may result in elimination.

  • It is your responsibility to ensure your details including email address, is correct, in order to receive your scoresheets.

  • By using this site you give permission for cookies. Cookies allow websites to offer a personalised experience, such as remembering a user’s preferences. 

  • It is up to the individual to ensure that their horse/pony is fit and healthy to compete.  The competitor undertakes not submit any horse/pony to the show who is unwell, not fit to work, lame or medically unable in any way.

  • Riders with disabilities may compete in all classes at own risk.

  • By submitting a video entry, you agree to be bound by the rules and regulations of Equi-show.  Neither the rider and/or his legal guardian agree that neither Equi-Show nor the relevant Discipline Association, the venue/club, the organisers, owners, officials or their employees or representatives will be held responsible for any loss, damage, theft of injury sustained by horses/ponies, riders, spectators or their property.

  • Late entries will not be accepted and videos received after close of entries will be rejected without refund.

  • Equi-Show video entries are restricted to 1 horse/rider combination per class.

  • A horse/rider combination may enter up to 2 levels per discipline. as long as the Levels are consecutive. eg. Level 1 + Level 2 or Level 5 + Level 6.

  • If you do not receive a confirmation email from Equi-Show within 1-2 week of entering, it is your responsibility to ensure that both your entry form and video has been received. Please check with us at

  • Equi-Show has the right to refuse any video. Once submitted, videos are the property of Equi-Show and might be used on blog/social media (we will always ask your permission though!)

  • Equi-Show is not liable for any costs as a result of infringements by third parties/competitors or the public. Copyright laws apply.

  • All persons ride or compete at their own risk and will have no claim against Equi-Show, including any officials, judges, employees/contractors, members, show holding body or sponsors for any damage, loss of property, death or injury of persons suffering during or in connection with this event from any cause whatsoever. No minor may participate in this event without the permission of his or her guardian, who indemnifies Equi-Show (including all other persons and bodies) against any such claims by such minors.

  • Equi-Show operates under South Africa Jurisdiction–. These terms will be exclusively governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of South Africa whose courts will have exclusive jurisdiction in any dispute. Copyright laws must adhere. Equi-Show, its customers, employees, partners or individuals, will not be liable for any costs as a result of infringement by any competitors or third parties.

  • All intellectual property (IP) rights are the property exclusively of and cannot be modified.

  • While Equi-Show adheres to the discipline judging guidelines/rules, there are a few Equi-Show rules that override, such as not being penalized for bitless riding. These exclusions can be found here.


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